Staff availability gathered for you.

Get the vital information of who is and isn’t available
without having to slave away to get it.

Get staff availability Zenshifts Availability

It's almost like magic

Zenshifts rostering app

  • There when you need it

    Your staff’s availability is right there in front of you when you’re planning your roster. No more double-checking the book.

  • Create your own rules

    You can set a cut-off period for staff entering their availability. Of course, being the boss, you have final say on what happens.

  • Reminds your staff

    The secret behind some of the Zenshifts magic is that we remind your staff to submit their availability.

  • Easy information sharing

    Your staff can see their roster anytime from their computer, phone, or tablet and can submit their future availability.

  • No learning curve

    We make everything simple so there's no need for training. As with any good app, staff will pick it up in 30 seconds.

  • Everyone is happy

    Using a simple app for this process really does keep you and your staff happier. Turn it on in your account and give it a try.

Why you should give a chance.


Changes update staff

When you make changes, the people who are affected get notified straight away. No more "I didn't know, nobody told me"


Keep everyone happy

Get notified if the shifts you are planning conflict with your employees’ availability.


Never double book

Just like availability warnings, you get notified if you plan a shift for an employee that already has one.


Balance your budget

Everything related to hours and costs is calculated when planning your roster with control over who can and can’t see wages.


Always be in the know

Get reports every step of the way and be the smartest in the room when it comes to your business rostering.


Get that pay raise

With all the extra insights into controlling one of your largest expenses, you will be an incredibly valuable manager!

Solve rostering problems like a zen master

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