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Zenshifts rostering app

  • Rosters in minutes

    Staff rosters take minutes, not hours to create and refine. Everything you need to work quickly is right in front of you.

  • View it how you like it

    View the roster by employees or by positions. We are the only system that lets you switch back and forth between the two.

  • Shift end times not required

    Sometimes you don’t have a specific end time for your staff. Once again we are the only system that accommodates this. Shifts can end with "until required" or "close".

  • Copy week to week

    If this week’s roster looks like next week's, just copy it and make the small adjustments you need to before you publish it.

  • Plan and publish

    Plan your roster and refine it as you go; when you're ready it's only 1 click to publish to your staff.

  • Ready to print

    Easily print your staff roster to put on the wall, or to easily get feedback from other managers.

No more mistakes or misunderstandings


Changes update staff

When you make changes, the people who are affected get notified straight away. No more "I didn't know, nobody told me"


Keep everyone happy

Get notified if the shifts you are planning conflict with your employees’ availability.


Never double book

Just like availability warnings, you get notified if you plan a shift for an employee that already has one.


Balance your budget

Everything related to hours and costs is calculated when planning your roster with control over who can and can’t see wages.


Always be in the know

Get reports every step of the way and be the smartest in the room when it comes to your business rostering.


Get that pay raise

With all the extra insights into controlling one of your largest expenses, you will be an incredibly valuable manager!

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