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How our Timesheet Calculator works:

Zenshifts timesheet app

  • 80% of the job done for you

    Have your timesheets generated from the roster with all shifts being already filled out. Make any adjustments as needed.

  • Hours & costs calculated live

    Every calculation you want is done live as you make changes. No more checking the length of the shift minus the break.

  • Ability to add/remove entries

    If something doesn’t look right, you can remove it. If something is missing, add it in. It’s that simple… seriously.

  • Print for a quick review

    It's ready to print when you want to pass it around for a quick review or to file away for your records.

  • Download your timesheets

    Need to email the timesheets to someone? Easy, you can download them into Excel or in PDF format with a single click.

  • Export to your payroll system

    Each timesheet is ready to be shared with your payroll system. It can save hours for you each week.

Why you should give a chance.


Changes update staff

When you make changes, the people who are affected get notified straight away. No more "I didn't know, nobody told me"


Keep everyone happy

Get notified if the shifts you are planning conflict with your employees’ availability.


Never double book

Just like availability warnings, you get notified if you plan a shift for an employee that already has one.


Balance your budget

Everything related to hours and costs is calculated when planning your roster with control over who can and can’t see wages.


Always be in the know

Get reports every step of the way and be the smartest in the room when it comes to your business rostering.


Get that pay raise

With all the extra insights into controlling one of your largest expenses, you will be an incredibly valuable manager!

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